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Innovations in Tablet-Based Neuropsychological Assessment for Global Mental Health: Pilot Applications for Adolescent Development and Suicide Prevention in South Asia

Project Overview

Background: The study of neuropsychological mechanisms is crucial for the advancement of prevention and treatment of mental disorders. However, the field of global mental health (GMH) lacks neuropsychological tools with cross-cultural applicability that can be administered in low resource settings. Technological innovations have potential to address this gap.

Objective: Our goal is twofold: (a) Adapt culturally appropriate neuropsychological tools to be delivered in tablet-based formats for South Asian adolescents at risk of suicide; (b) Develop and document an innovative technologies systematic adaptation procedure that can be applied to other GMH settings.

Aims: (1) Develop culturally appropriate stimuli for neuropsychological assessment using qualitative research with adolescents in India and Nepal. (2) Develop tablet-based versions of neuropsychological tests. (3) Pilot tablet-based administration with 50 adolescents.

Significance: The availability of valid and easy to use neuropsychological tests can significantly improve prevention efforts for suicide and other mental health problems in LMICs. The innovative technologies adaptation benefits DGHI researchers and will be a unique contribution of DGHI as an institution to GMH research.



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