Mama na Dada: Nutrition and Cognition in Kunya village

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Mama na Dada: Nutrition and Cognition in Kunya village

1. Continue assessing the presence of malnutrition in children in Kunya village, and compare nutritional status of children involved in feeding program with children who do not receive supplemental food and follow up longitudinally to assess changes over time. Nutrition assessments will then be used to analyze the potential physical and cognitive effects of malnutrition. 2. Determine the common prenatal and birth practices in Kunya village, understand preferences and obstacles surrounding birthing options and examine sources through which women receive their pregnancy and maternal health information. 3. Conduct water testing at different sources of water access in Kunya village to determine levels of various contaminants (e.g., nitrates) and to find out community members’ access and use of water at these locations.

Water analysis and nutritional profiles for children in the Mama na Dada supported daycare center

Provides direction for the NGO to think about how better to develop their water access programs and information that supports grant writing for external support