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Morsel India Internship 4 -Socio-emotional learning and cognitive and non-cognitive abilities in Primary schools' children in India


May 10, 2019 - July 25, 2019

Project Objectives

Morsel India (https://morselindia.in/)

Morsel was established on 16th June 2007 and within a span of 11 years, we have surveyed approximately 20 million households in 26 Indian states. We have worked with researchers from very prestigious universities such as MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia University etc. Morsel has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative data collection. Our work has earned us a reputation in the field of evaluation relating to the social policies, social programmes, survey research and profound analysis of data.

MORSEL specializes in field research by providing quality data through primary and secondary data collection using modern technologies. We have a technologically proficient team of data managers to ensure data quality and security.

Project Opportunities

Project 4: Socio-emotional learning and cognitive and non-cognitive abilities in Primary schools' children in India:

Few people are debating that the education system has become obsolete whereas another part of the country is still trying to get basic education access. According to ASER report (2017), about 25% of people in the age group 14-18 years still cannot read basic text fluently in their mother tongue. More than half were struggling with division (3 digits by 1 digit) problems. Many studies indicating that lack of social-emotional competencies negatively affects academic performance, behavior, and health of the children (Blum & Libbey, 2004 and Wang, Haertel, & Walberg, 1997; Zins et al., 2004).

Families are necessary agents of change, but their voices are too often missing in curriculum development and as participants in school-based programs of social and emotional learning. This can be due to the %u201Cdeficit perspectives%u201D that are held by social and emotional researchers (Goleman, 2006) and/or educator stereotypes held toward immigrant populations (Tinkler, 2002).

We are conducting SEL intervention in one block of Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with Abhigya Foundation (http://abhigyafoundation.org/).

The design of intervention is given below.
• Orientation intervention: Teacher's and Parent's
• Monthly parent and teacher meeting
• Combination of T1 and T2
• Show selected movies to kids and parents (village show) and dance classes
• Control area

The Interns can be based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India and will work with the Managing Director of the Morsel and concerning researchers. Specific responsibilities include:

• Prepare communication materials including op-eds, articles, social media for use in state and national media
• Data analysis of key data findings for the project
• Prepare presentations/handout for workshop and conference at state and national level.
• Assist to develop survey and/or study materials with the researchers.
• Assist to develop tech-based monitoring model for different projects.
• Assist to develop Socio-emotional learning intervention and assessment tools.

Project Deliverables:
• 5 to 10 number of op-eds, articles, social media articles.
• One evaluation form/Survey and analysis of results.
• Intervention design and assessment tools for Socio-emotional learning project in Primary schools in Uttar Pradesh.

Project Application Process

A letter of interest and CV/resume needs to be submitted to Bhartendu Trivedi (bhartendu@morselindia.org) by March 6.

Project Selection Criteria

• Background in public policy, child development, or global health.

• Excellent writing and Good communication skills.

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