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Optimal Detection of Causes of Acute Febrile Illness, Including Emerging Zoonotic and Vector-borne Pathogens in Sri Lanka

Project Overview

This study is providing data on the etiology, prevalence, and clinical characteristics of pediatric and adult patients with fever in southern Sri Lanka. The research is contributing to the improvement of diagnostic microbiology facilities in a region hard-hit by the 2004 tsunami and to the development of national and regional guidelines for management of patients who present with fever. In addition, the data generated by this study will effectively delineate the prevalence of infections suspected to be frequent, based on serologic data, for which confirmatory studies have not previously been possible. The application of molecular amplification methods is expected to provide a defined spectrum of pathogens that should contribute to the strategic implementation of evidence-based therapies.

May influence practical treatment of future patients presenting with febrile illnesses.


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Community and Family Medicine
School of Medicine



  • Duke Medical Center Emerging Infectious Diseases, Duke-NUS Hubert-Yeargan Center for Global Health

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