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Pediatric Adherence and HIV Resistance

Project Overview

This project is assessing factors associated with adherence as well as outcomes on second line therapy for the initial cohort.

Initial data are published: Emmett S, Cunningham C, Mmbaga B, Kinabo G, Schimana W, Swai M, Bartlett J, Crump J, Reddy E. Predicting Virologic Failure Among HIV-1-Infected Children Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Tanzania: a Cross-Sectional Study. JAIDS; 2010 Aug 1;54(4):368-75

Preliminary follow up data were presented at the IAS conference in 2010: Reddy E, Emmett S, Mmbaga B, Schimana W, Kinabo G, Bartlett J, Crump J, Swai M, Cunningham C. Virologic Outcomes on Second Line Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) for HIV-infected Tanzanian Children with and without Clinical or Immunologic Failure at ART Switch. Oral Abstract Presentation, 19 July, 2010; XVIII World AIDS Conference, Vienna.

Initially, these data had a major impact on our clinical practice in Moshi and resulted in regular virologic monitoring for children. Unfortunately, funds are no longer available for such purposes. However the clinicians are keenly aware of extra adherence challenges for children and families and we strive to make adherence and disclosure an important part of our regular clinic practice.



  • Center for AIDS Research-Duke

Project Collaborators

  • DUMC Pediatrics-Infectious Disease & KCMC
  • DUMC Pediatrics-Infectious Disease

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