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Potential Pathophysiologic Mechanisms Linking Air Pollution Exposure in Pregnant Women to Reduced Birth Weight

Project Overview

An International team led by Prof.Jim Zhang has received a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Science to study air pollution's impacts on fetal development and birth weight.By monitering 660 expectant mothers in Beijin from early pregnancy through delivery,Prof.Zhang and his colleagues hope to pinpoint how exposure to air pollution triggers biological mechanisms that lead to lower birth weights and higher risks of hypertension,coronary heart disease and other chronic conditions later in life.The 5-year project has established a wide partnership among collaborators in China and aboard.


Department & School

Nicholas School of the Environment



  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Project Collaborators

  • University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Beijing Obstetrics Gynecology Hospital
  • Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

Project Status


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