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Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Peru

Project Overview

Within the larger cohort study at CRONICAS, I am interested in studying hypertension, obesity, diet and physical activity and the effect of urbanization on these risk factors that exist in Latin America. I discussed these interests and my potential involvement with CRONICAS with Dr. Miranda via email and conference calls starting in October 2011. I have also been in contact with Robert Gilman, MD , the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health co-principal investigator, to discuss my potential involvement with CRONICAS and mechanisms by which I could apply for a Fogarty Fellowship through the Johns Hopkins consortium. Dr. Miranda and I have begun to create a timeline for 2012 and early 2013 during which I plan to learn basic skills in epidemiology and biostatistics and begin some initial work on the project before ultimately going to Peru in the summer of 2013 to undergo a year-long research endeavor. We decided that a week-long visit to Peru from May 19 to May 26, 2012, would be an important first step in initiating a long term research collaboration. I would have liked to remain in Peru for longer than one week but that is the only time that I can be away from clinical responsibilities at Duke. While in Peru, I plan to visit the three sites and meet with Dr. Miranda and the other researchers at the institution. I spent 1-2 days at the rural and peri-urban sites and then spend the rest of the visit in Lima. In that time I will be able to determine the site at which I will primarily work during my research year in 2013. I also will meet with the field researchers, epidemiologists and statisticians at CRONICAS during my visit in order to understand the project from the ground up. It will be important to get to know the various members of the research team with whom I will closely work at CRONICAS. In these meetings, I have a better sense of how my interests can be integrated into the existing projects and hopefully form a good working relationship with the various members of the research team. In addition to meeting with the research team, I also would like to meet with faculty in the division of cardiology at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and explore potential places to live during my research year.

This site visit resulted in a collaboration with Jaime Miranda and William Checkley for which I received a NIH Fogarty Global Health Fellowship.



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