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Strengthening Facilities and Human Resources for Primary Care in Laos

Project Objectives

Primary health care (PHC) is a critical component of Universal Health Coverage and health equity, but in Laos there still exist substantive barriers to PHC development, e.g. human resources capacity is insufficient at the grassroots level. Meanwhile, US and China have their own experience and lessons of PHC development. In this research, experienced researchers from Fudan University and Duke University will cooperate with a Laotian research institute, and build an international and interdisciplinary team.

The aims of this research project are to provide a bird's eye view of the PHC system, the function of PHC facilities and HR capacity at different levels , then assess the effect of policies and social factors related to PHC and provide suggestions to help improve PHC development in Laos. As important, opinion sharing, mutual learning and knowledge transformation will be developed further throughout this research. These endeavors are intended to reduce health care inequalities and improve global health, as stated in DGHI and Fudan Global Health mission.

After literature study and collection of existing data, a field study will be conducted, in which about 3 district and its subordinate health centers along with their staffs will be sampled, quantitative and qualitative research methods , e.g. questionnaires , interview, focus group and consulting will be applied.

This research can be seen as a starting point for a long term cooperation. Recommendations from this research can be confirmed and then utilized as a basis for subsequent intervention projects.



  • Duke Global Health Institute

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