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The Use of Chemicals in Agriculture and Mosquito Response to Pyrethroids in Bungoma Sub-County, Western Kenya


2015-05-17 02:46:09 - 2015-08-16 02:46:09

Project Objectives

Current strategies for treating mosquito bed nets rely on one class of insecticides: pyrethroids, to prevent malaria transmission. Pyrethroids are not only used in the vector control of malaria but also in agriculture to protect against pest insects. This concurrent use of pyrethroids in vector control and protection of pests in agriculture may exert selection pressure on mosquito larval population and induce resistance to this class of insecticides.
However the role of agricultural practices such as using pesticides or growing different types of crops in the development of mosquito resistance is yet to be fully understood. Our study intends to identify active mosquito breeding sites and then interview households adjacent to those breeding sites to learn about their agricultural practices that might influence the response of mosquitoes to pyrethroids.

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