Ushiriki wa Vijana: Youth Engagement to End the HIV Epidemic in Tanzania



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Ushiriki wa Vijana: Youth Engagement to End the HIV Epidemic in Tanzania

There is increasing recognition of the importance of youth engagement in HIV research and programming.  This topic has been featured in many high profile reports such as the UNAIDS 2018 report Youth and HIV that provides guidance on how to meaningfully engage youth through a three-lens approach—fully engaging youth 1) as beneficiaries; 2) as partners; and 3) supporting youth as leaders.  Implementation science strategies must be incorporated to facilitate meaningful communication, collaboration and respect for incorporating the youth voice in establishing shared priorities and an effective policy agenda.  Understanding youth experiences as users of HIV prevention and treatment tools and the context in which they engage with evidence-based programs is a known critical factor for successful program implementation and sustainment.  This project aims to 1) Establish formal youth community advisory board (CAB) groups in each of the four study regions of Tanzania in which the Sauti ya Vijana Intervention is being delivered; 2) Complete a concept mapping exercise to identify the most critical factors that impact the implementation of HIV-related prevention and treatment programs for young people in Tanzania from the youth perspective; and finally 3) Incorporate chairpersons of the youth CABs within the current T-AHISA network.  



Last updated on September 19, 2022