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Vanderbilt-Emory-Cornell-Duke Consortium for Global Health Fellows (VECDor)/Dow

Project Overview

Duke University will use these funds to support the preparation and travel of VECD Global Health Fellow, Dorothy Dow to spend approximately 10 months over the course of the total fellowship period in Tanzania, where she will participate as a research trainee. The Fellow will be provided with any necessary pre-travel immunizations and anti-malarials, visa/passport, and travel to and from Tanzania.

Funds will be subcontracted to the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center for infrastructure and administrative support, discretionary and research-project related expenses for the Fellow, and stipend support for LMIC Fellow if applicable.

Additionally, the sub-contractee will provide the following support:

* Guidance and support for the Fellow through the full program cycle. This entails pre-departure support from partnering US institutions such as help with visa processing for Fellows, purchase of airline tickets for US Fellows, reimbursement of necessary vaccinations for US Fellows.
* Research-project related funds are provided for scholar-related expenses per scholar 'pair,' such as support for supplies, analysis, equipment, meetings, supplies, language courses, computer, software, etc. It is up to each site's financial office to ensure that these costs follow OMB guidelines
* Stipend support for LMIC trainees where relevant. LMIC trainees must have 80% protected time devoted to GHF related activities
* Mentorship to each GHF trainee include at least 8 hours of bioethics and/or IRB related mentorship.
* Assurance that all Fellows will acquire appropriate ethics approvals, and will submit copies of approval letters to Vanderbilt University
* For the above activities GHF will provide financial support to the US institution
* Tracking and submission of Quarterly Reports & updates from Fellows

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Medicine: Infectious Diseases
School of Medicine


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