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DGHI Research Roundup: November/December 2017

January 08, 2018

Sixty-three DGHI-affiliated authors—including faculty, staff and alumni—shared new discoveries on a variety of global health topics in peer-reviewed publications in November and December. 


Cleaning Lab Equipment Leads to a Breakthrough Discovery

December 05, 2017

Robert Morhard, a PhD student in biomedical engineering and a DGHI doctoral scholar, wants to create a therapy to treat cervical cancer precursors. With an unexpected discovery in the lab, he's well on his way.


DGHI Assistant Professor Tests Mental Health Interventions in Teens with HIV in Tanzania

November 14, 2017

Dorothy Dow--now an assistant professor of pediatrics and global health--had been working since 2011 in a clinic in Tanzania, focused on pediatric infectious diseases and prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, when she observed something troubling: HIV mortality rates were increasing among teens even as they declined in most other age groups.