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Dorothy, Sahar and Goodluck

Multimedia Feature: Treating Teen HIV Goes Beyond Medicine

January 22, 2019

Assistant professor Dorothy Dow, a pediatric infectious diseases doctor, first went to Moshi, Tanzania, in 2011 to do research on preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission. But her focus soon shifted when she discovered a grim reality for adolescents with HIV

Disease Eradication Panel

Disease Eradication: Is It Worth the Trouble?

January 21, 2019

“Disease eradication is the mother of all global health efforts,” Gavin Yamey proclaimed as he opened a recent panel discussion exploring the opportunities and challenges of eradication. “But is it worth the risks, the time, the resources and the tradeoffs?”

Baby Nathaniel with Mom and Two Nurses

“We Have a Solution for It”

January 15, 2019

Duke and Ugandan surgeons collaborate to save babies with a rare birth defect that shouldn’t be fatal, but often is. 

DGHI Research Roundup

DGHI Research Roundup: December 2018

January 04, 2019

Thirty DGHI-affiliated authors—including faculty, staff, students and alumni—recently shared new discoveries on a variety of global health topics in peer-reviewed publications.

Big Data for Reproductive Health Team

3 Questions with Social Demographer Amy Finnegan

December 14, 2018

DGHI research scholar Amy Finnegan likes to think of herself as the “Swiss Army knife” of researchers. We recently caught up with her to learn more about her approach to research and why she thinks big data is a big deal for global health.

Teresa, Winnie and Mary

Artificial Intelligence, Meet Global Health

December 02, 2018

As artificial intelligence is on the rise, a few Duke Global Health Institute researchers have recognized its potential to improve access to healthcare. Artificial intelligence (AI) can come in many different forms, but Master of Science in Global Health student Mary Brannock and professor Eric Green are focusing on chatbots.

Research Roundup

DGHI Research Roundup: November 2018

December 02, 2018

Thirty-one DGHI-affiliated authors—including faculty, staff and alumni—recently shared new discoveries on a variety of global health topics in peer-reviewed publications.

Pratt Pouches

Multimedia Feature: This Petite Pouch Packs a Punch

November 16, 2018

Our new multimedia feature, “This Petite Pouch Packs a Punch,” tells the story behind the Pratt Pouch, a proven method of preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission and one of the most heralded global health innovations to come out of Duke.