Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Great progress has been made to establish Duke University as a recognized leader in global health.

DGHI aims to remain at the forefront of this evolving field by maintaining its competitive advantage, particularly in the area of education. DGHI's vision, goals, strategies and metrics for success are articulated in its latest five-year plan, Transforming Global Health: Duke Global Health Institute Strategic Plan 2013-2017.  This plan was developed by the DGHI faculty and received critical review from the Institute’s Board of Advisors, Executive Committee, Student Council, and Deans’ Council. By successfully implementing the strategies outlined in this plan, DGHI will achieve its vision of employing academic excellence to meet the global health challenges of today and tomorrow and to achieve health equity worldwide.

Become the worldwide leader in interdisciplinary global health education




  • Number of students enrolled in the global health major
  • Number of alumni in leadership positions in global health
  • Number of alumni working in global health
  • Number of locations of student and trainee fieldwork project placements
  • Number of student and trainee fieldwork project placements
  • Number of students completing the MSc-GH
  • Number of students enrolled in the MSc-GH
  • Number of students completing the global health major

Catalyze and conduct innovative research that responds to the changing global burden of disease and influences policy


  • Facilitate innovative, interdisciplinary research collaborations to address complex emerging global health issues
  • Increase the number of leading global health experts at Duke
  • Create a DGHI Evidence Lab
  • Pursue knowledge in the service of society through policy change, innovation and implementation


  • Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Global Cancer
  • Global Environmental Health
  • Global Mental Health
  • Health Systems Strengthening
  • Maternal and Child Health


  • Number of research “successes”*
  • Number of external funding support obtained for research projects
  • Number of faculty jointly appointed in DGHI and schools
  • Number of new research collaborations across disciplines and schools

* Success is defined as authorship in a journal with high impact; the development of a new patent; or a research finding that leads to policy change.


Create a robust network of international partners to exchange global health knowledge and skills



  • Expand education, research and capacity building initiative at DGHI’s Priority Partnership Locations
  • Establish additional partnerships with institutions in the Middle East and Latin America
  • Deepen training and research opportunities in East Africa
  • Facilitate collaboration and mutual learning among international partners and Duke

Priority Partnership Locations


  • Number of Priority Partnership Locations
  • Number of active global health research projects at a Priority Location
  • Number of countries where DGHI research projects are under way
  • Number of faculty based abroad in a Priority Location
  • Number of capacity building initiatives* with international partner institutions

* Activities building technical, financial or administrative capacity of DGHI’s partner institutions including: joint appointments between Duke and its collaborating institutions; expansion of physical office space at a partner institution; facilitation of South-South research or education collaborations; establishment of new training centers at Priority Partnership Locations, etc