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Gerald Bloomfield

Assistant Professor, Medicine and Global Health
School of Medicine
Medicine: Cardiology

2400 Pratt Street, Duke Clinical Research Instit
(919) 668-8700

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Gerald Bloomfield


Gerald Bloomfield, MD, MPH, joined the faculty in 2011 as Assistant Professor of Medicine and Global Health after completing his Cardiovascular Medicine fellowship training at Duke University Medical Center and Duke Clinical Research Institute in 2011. Bloomfield also completed the Duke Global Health Residency/Fellowship Pathway and a Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship in 2010. He has launched a clinical research program at Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya to determine the causes of heart failure among East Africans supported by a K01 Career Development Award from the Fogarty International Center. As part of this endeavor, Bloomfield spends approximately 6 months of the year in Kenya. He received his medical education, internal medicine residency and Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University.



Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
Non-Communicable Diseases

Course will provide an overview of the recent (mid-20th century to the present) trends in non-communicable disease epidemiology. Focus on four major non-communicable disease categories as separate modules: cardiovascular, oncologic, diabetic and pulmonary diseases. Case studies used to highlight selected geographic differences. By using lectures, assigned readings and classroom discussion the course aims to provide the student with a firm understanding of the shifting disease burden and the landscape of stakeholders and interventions to prevent the same.

Course Notes:
UG/GRAD FALL 2016 PhD: Elective
MAJOR: Focused Study
MINOR: Elective


Recent Publications

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