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Charmaine Royal

Associate Professor, Department of African & African American Studies
Associate Professor, Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy

(919) 668-6515

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Charmaine Royal


Charmaine Royal is Associate Professor of African & African American Studies and Genome Sciences & Policy. Her research, scholarship, and teaching focus on ethical, psychosocial, and societal issues in genetics and genomics, primarily issues at the intersection of genetics/genomics and concepts of "race", ancestry, and ethnicity.

She serves on several national and international committees and boards, including the Steering Committee for the Registry and Surveillance System for Hemoglobinopathies (RuSH) Program, Bioethics Advisory Committee of the March of Dimes Foundation, Expert Panel for the World Health Organization's Grand Challenges in Genomics for Public Health in Developing Countries (Grand Challenges) Project, and the Independent Expert Committee for the Human Heredity and Health in Africa Initiative. She is the immediate past Chair of the Social Issues Committee of the American Society of Human Genetics.


Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
Race, Genomics, and Society

Integrated analysis of historical and contemporary aspects of `race and genetics/genomics'. Focus on relevant applications in science, medicine, and society; develop skills required for scientific, sociopolitical, cultural, psychosocial, and ethical evaluation of issues. Topics include: introduction to population genetics/genetic variation; concepts and definitions of race; overview of bioethics; social and political history of race; genomics and health disparities; race, ancestry, and medical practice; genealogy, genetic ancestry, and identity; public perceptions of race and genetics/genomics. Instructor: Royal

Course Notes:
Was: GENOME 158S.03
UG Only FALL 2016 MAJOR: Focused Study
MINOR: Elective