Graduate Certificate Courses

The Global Health Graduate Certificate involves the completion of four courses.

  • Core: GLHLTH 701 — Global Health Challenges *
  • Two Electives: see list below
  • Seminar: GLHLTH 870S
  • Field-based Experience: Students who complete an approved, field-based experience may have the option to waive one elective course.


Many of the elective courses, taught by DGHI faculty members or affiliates, are listed below. Any course with a GLHLTH prefix or cross-listed with GLHLTH may count as an elective. These courses may be offered in the Fall, Spring or alternate years. 

To find out which courses will be offered in a particular term, please consult DukeHub during the "bookbagging" period. Course descriptions may be found in the Graduate School Bulletin.

Global health is inherently interdisciplinary. We encourage certificate students to review course offerings within your home department that may have relevance and connection to global health and to talk with DGHI about the potential to take the course in support of your certificate requirements.

Students may petition to have courses not listed below count as GH graduate certificate electives, however the majority of courses taken towards the certificate must originate in or be cross-listed with GLHLTH/global health. A petition must include a concise academic justification for the course, demonstrating the ability to connect it to global health, along with a copy of the syllabus. All petitions must be submitted via an online form, before the term in which the course is taken, at Petitions will be reviewed by the Associate Director for Academic Programs.

Select List of Global Health Electives

  • GLHTH 531 — Cost-Benefit Analysis for Health & Environmental Policy
  • GLHLTH 533S — Water, Cooperation, & Conflict
  • GLHLTH 570S — mHealth in LMICs
  • GLHLTH 571 — Introduction to Global Maternal & Child Health
  • GLHLTH 590 — Visualizing COVID19 Pandemic/Data Science & Visualization with R **
  • GLHLTH 635 — Critical Readings in Environmental Epidemiology
  • GLTHLTH 637S — Population & Environmental Dynamics & Human Health
  • GLHLTH 641 — Non-Communicable Diseases
  • GLHLTH 660 — Global Mental Health
  • GLHLTH 670 — Global Nutrition
  • GLHLTH 673S -—Global Surgical Care
  • GLHLTH 710 — Intermediate Epidemiology
  • GLHLTH 752 — Grant Writing in Global Health
  • GLHLTH 755 — Global Health Policy
  • GLHLTH 758 — Case Studies in Data Science
  • GLHLTH 760 — Program Management & Research Administration in Global Health
  • GLHLTH 761S — Demographic Measures & Concepts
  • GLHLTH 770 — Qualitative Data Analysis for Global Health
  • GLHLTH 771 — One Health: Philosophy & Practice
  • GLHTLH 772 — Global Health Research: Qualitative Field Methods
  • GLHLTH 773 — Systematic Review: Global Injury & Injury Prevention
  • GLHLTH 774 — Program Evaluation for Health
  • GLHLTH 777 — Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • GLHLTH 791 — Independent Study in Global Health
  • GLHLTH 840 — Ethics & Policy Making

* Students enrolled in Nursing degree programs may substitute NURSING 582 for GLHLTH 701

** Special topics courses (590, 690, 790, etc.) are only approved as the specific titles listed