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#DukeMScGH students Julie Zemke (left) and Jiyan Ma (right) recently completed academic #internships at @rti_intl and @fhi360. Jiyan worked on the validation of an #HIV screening tool in FHI 360’s technical support division, and Julie interned with RTI’s newly established #globalhealth security initiative. Click on the link in our profile to learn more about their experiences and how these internships are building on the students’ learning in the classroom and the field!
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When you’re working on technology destined for the operating room, it makes sense to check out the OR—and that’s exactly what this @bassconnections team recently did. Their project, whose goal is to develop a low-cost, reusable laparoscope for use in low-resource settings. Its design will allow images to be transferred over the internet, enabling surgeons in high- and low-income countries to interact in real time during surgical cases, thus allowing for remote mentoring. The project is led by #DGHI professor Tamara Fitzgerald and @dukeengineering postdoc Jenna Mueller.
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At Teen Club, an adolescent #HIV clinic in Moshi, #Tanzania, in addition to learning about their disease and checking in with doctors, teens can connect with each other and express themselves through different forms of art, including dance, drama, painting and music. The video at the link in our bio highlights a few of the Teen Club participants’ creative projects—including a rap video!—and how the adolescents’ self-expression contributes to their well-being. It’s part of a broader initiative to improve #MentalHealth and resilience among teens living with #HIV.
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Last week, @dukecpigh's policy fellow, Munkhtsetseg
#DGHI’s Truls Ostbye (far left) and Laura Bey (2nd from right) recently went to the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) to meet with Guus ten Asbroek of the University of Amsterdam (far right) and Vijitha de Silva of the University of Ruhuna (in Sri Lanka) to plan the second year of DGHI’s summer study abroad course in #SriLanka. They talked with some of the students who participated in the course last year, as well as this year’s participants from Amsterdam. The course is a unique learning abroad collaboration between @amsterdam, @dukeuniversity and the University of Ruhuna.
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#DGHI prof Dorothy Dow led the development of a peer-led HIV education curriculum for teens living with #HIV in Moshi, #Tanzania. Click on the link in our bio to watch a video highlighting the benefits these youth get from this leadership experience, told from different perspectives. 
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@dukekunshan #globalhealth master’s student Duan Zhao realized he
Members of #DGHI’s education team hosted a table at last week’s #GlobalHealth Career Day, sponsored by the Triangle Global Health Consortium. It’s wonderful to be a part of such a thriving local/statewide global health network!
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Many adolescents living with #HIV struggle with telling others about their illness. Fear of disclosing their HIV status to others and negative feelings about how they learned of their illness can contribute to #mentalhealth challenges. #DGHI prof Dorothy Dow and her team developed a peer-led mental health intervention to help teens work through these challenges. Click on the link in our bio to learn more.

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Great to see the new cover on Trent Hall’s 3rd floor conference room door! All languages are welcome here at #DGHI! Members of our community: Do you speak another language? Take a moment to add your voice! 
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Research led by #DGHI prof Dorothy Dow demonstrates that #mentalhealth challenges impact adherence to #HIV medication, which in turn can have a detrimental effect on outcomes. In this video series, she and a few of her Tanzanian collaborators discuss their innovative work addressing the mental health needs of adolescents living with HIV in Moshi, #Tanzania. Click on the link in our bio to watch the videos!
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#DGHI’s John Bartlett (on right) and Mbaye Lo, professor of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and International Comparative Studies, discuss the Research Africa initiative at a lunch event yesterday. Research Africa’s goal is to develop and facilitate a scholarly network on and about Africa and African issues. The event was at Duke’s John Hope Franklin Center and was sponsored by Duke’s Africa Initiative.
February 18, 2019

MULTIMEDIA: (ICYMI) To help teens living with HIV in Tanzania, DGHI professor Dorothy Dow had to take a new approach—and stretch her own expertise. Check out this multimedia look at how she and her Tanzanian colleagues are achieving results!

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February 15, 2019

There's tons of incredible scientific research out there that's locked behind paywalls and never makes it into the lives of the people it's intended to benefit. One team at Duke University is trying to change that. They've created a website to share their work on artisanal and small-scale gold mining in the Amazon with a lay audience, including key stakeholders in the Peruvian government. Check it out and pass it along to other researchers as inspiration: Read More

February 13, 2019

Armed with a master's in global health, Aditya Mehta MS'16 returned to his home country of India to put his degree into practice. Now, he's working at the Antara Foundation, a New Delhi-based nonprofit focused on scaling up public health delivery, and mapping out a career at the intersection of international relations and global health in politically unstable or conflict environments. Read our latest alum profile to learn more about Aditya's global health path!...

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February 12, 2019

Hear from Duke undergrad students who took the road less traveled when selecting their global health co-majors--why did they choose those fields and how are they integrating them with global health? Their answers may surprise you!

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February 11, 2019

ON THE BLOG: A recent career fair prompted second-year MS student Yolande Pokam Tchuisseu--focused on her next steps as graduation approaches--to rethink a common piece of career advice. Plus, she shares a few job-seeking tips she picked up at the fair.

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February 08, 2019

ON THE BLOG: DGHI master's student and Duke Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences resident Tony Pham and his team have been exploring the intersection of traditional healers and mental well-being in Nepal. Read about what they learned through this Duke Bass Connections research project:

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