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“The women who have used the Pratt Pouch are empowered. It has helped them see themselves not as a victim but as powerful and capable of saving their child from this disease.” —Humberto Mata, co-founder of @fundacionvihda 
Mata and his organization, Fundación VIHDA, have been working with the Pratt Pouch team since 2012 to bring the pouch to #Ecuador. He estimates that they’ve distributed Pratt Pouches to about 1,000 women with #HIV since then, and they’re working on expanding access to the pouch—an  inexpensive solution that preserves a single dose of antiretroviral medicine for up to a year and makes it easy for mothers to protect their newborns from infection. In this photo, a woman is using the Pratt Pouch in Ecuador. Photo by Fundación VIHDA.
Click the link in our bio to read our multimedia story about the Pratt Pouch! 
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Hard at work: students in Joy Noel Baumgartner's global maternal and child health class prep with Dr. Baumgartner for their group presentation. #TrentHallLife
#DGHI prof Myaing Nyunt examines mosquito larvae at a teak plantation in Myanmar’s Mandalay Region. #malaria #BlueDevilsInTheField
Last week a panel of #DGHI and Community & Family Medicine faculty discussed the challenges and benefits of eradicating diseases—Is it worth the time and resources? What are the trade-offs? What diseases should/could be eradicated? What stands in the way of vaccine acceptance? So many fascinating questions… and lots of insights from a variety of perspectives.
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Last Wednesday, 10 graduate and undergraduate students representing four teams did an incredible job presenting their @dukebassconnections projects as part of the Duke at Home in the World series. In this photo, DGHI doctoral scholar Jackie Gerson (center) answers a question from the audience.
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The theme of the 30th #WorldAIDSDay--today!--is
In collaboration with @egpaf, the Pratt Pouch team has recently built a high-tech facility at Hospice Uganda in Kampala with semi-custom equipment that fills and seals a pouch in four seconds—one quarter the time it takes to fill pouches manually. #DukeMScGH Jordan Schermerhorn MS’15 traveled to Uganda to help get the new facility up and running. Reflecting on her experience on the project, she said, “My role on Pratt Pouch production was one of the
Alexa Choy graduated from @dukeengineering in 2014 with a biomedical engineering major. In 2012, she designed and implemented a study investigating the user acceptability of the Pratt Pouch and traveled to Ecuador in Summer 2013, where she observed the first human uses of the pouch by mothers and nurses. That experience, she said, “has left a lasting impact on me and was a critical part of my journey into pursuing a career in medicine.” It also deepened Alexa’s commitment to finding ways to care for patients in resource-limited settings. In this photo, taken during Alexa’s field research in 2013, a pharmacist technician is filling pouches in Ecuador.
Check out our multimedia story about the Pratt Pouch at the link in our bio! 
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Michael Spohn, a double major in mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering who graduated from @dukeengineering in 2009, was the first student to work on the Pratt Pouch, a #globalhealth innovation that makes it easy for mothers with #HIV to protect their newborns from infection. Spohn was actually the one whose experiments led to the pouch’s innovative design! His favorite memory of his work on the Pratt Pouch was going to a meeting at the end of the year in which his team started discussing the possibility of clinical trials in Africa. “Projects like this don't necessarily have high success rates, so that first indication from an outside party that we might have something useful here was really great to see,” he recalls. One of the important things this project taught Spohn was that we need to understand what the target audience’s challenges and requirements are before developing solutions—and that “solutions for other parts of the world won't be effective if we just make cheaper versions of what we use in the U.S.” Rather, he said, “they need to be custom-designed for that environment.”
Check out our multimedia story about the Pratt Pouch at the link in our bio! 
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Our new #multimedia feature tells the story behind one of Duke’s coolest #globalhealth innovations—the Pratt Pouch—invented by #DGHI prof Bob Malkin and a host of students. The pouch preserves a single dose of antiretroviral medicine for up to a year and makes it easy for mothers with #HIV to protect their newborns from infection. So far, it’s available in two countries with more on the horizon. Check out our multimedia story at the link in our bio! 
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Happy Thanksgiving from #DGHI! May your day be filled with family, food and festivities!
ICYMI: A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but sometimes it's still worth it to hear the story behind the photo. In our new multimedia feature, our #photocontest winners share the story of their fieldwork, the inspiration for their photo and why they think images can be a great #globalhealth storytelling tool. Check it out at the link in our bio!
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December 11, 2018

Learning how to craft a story may be an atypical approach to preparing future health practitioners, but to pediatric oncologist Ray Barfield, one of the instructors of Duke's "Storytelling in Medicine and Health" course, storytelling is powerful tool that lies at the heart of medical practice. Students say that hearing others' stories is "profound" and the class "fosters reflection in a way no course I’ve taken at Duke ever has."

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December 10, 2018

ON THE BLOG: A team of undergrad and graduate students is trying a novel approach to addressing social determinants of health right here in Durham. "Student volunteers, eager for meaningful clinical experiences, are an untapped resource that health systems can better leverage to improve integrated patient care." Learn more:

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December 07, 2018

ON THE BLOG: Junior global health student Shagun Vashisth, who completed field research this summer at Udayan Care in Delhi, India, shares three key takeaways from her experience. And as it turns out, those lessons are also great tips for other students headed for global health fieldwork!

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December 06, 2018

Big congratulations to DGHI prof Gita Suneja, who received a 5-year National Cancer Institute Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award for her project exploring cancer treatment disparities in the HIV population. A well-deserved honor! Duke Cancer Institute

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December 05, 2018

Sahil Sandhu, a junior Program II major (Health Innovation: Evidence to Impact), discusses his Duke Bass Connections research project, “Help Desk: A Student-Led Initiative to Address Social Determinants of Health in Durham, NC.” Sahil's team, led by Janet Prvu Bettger, also includes students Lillian Blanchard, Veronica Sotelo Munoz and Jackie Xu.

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December 04, 2018

Working with collaborators in Kenya, two DGHI teams are developing chatbots to bring maternal health information and mental health tools to people in Nairobi and beyond.

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