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On Monday night, global health seniors gathered to present and celebrate their capstone projects. We’re so proud of the hard work that they’ve put into their global health degrees and wish them the best of luck in their next endeavors. #DGHI #seniors #GlobalHealth
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Yesterday's Voices in Global Health Poster Session was amazing! The event, sponsored by Duke Service-Learning, the Duke Health Humanities Lab, and CLAC, is part of an initiative from @dukeghi that helps Global Health students build cultural literacy through language labs.

In the video below, you can hear a striking number of languages being spoken in the room, and if you listen closely, you can hear Duke student Nicolas Andres Cort speaking in Chinese to explain a French research poster to a captivated audience. “This is probably one of the few moments at Duke where you have students presenting projects in Arabic, French, and Mandarin,
Big shout-out to the two #globalhealth @dukebassconnections poster winners at yesterday’s Bass Connections Showcase, an amazing annual event that highlights the best of interdisciplinary student research across @dukeuniversity! Team Low-Cost Laparoscopic Surgery with Tele-Mentoring took the People’s Choice Award and Team Big Data for Reproductive Health took the Judges’ Award. We couldn’t be more proud of these and ALL of our Bass Connections research teams and the impactful and transformative work they’re producing!
Lots of DGHI students presented posters today at Duke Surgery’s 4th annual Research Day. Great work, everyone!
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STUDENTS: Don't miss this opportunity to study health care designed for humans. As a student in this class, you’ll work through the process of human-centered design with the goal of developing a solution to a real-world, unmet need in healthcare. The course partners with the Pratt School of Engineering Design Health program.
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On Tuesday evening, we held an alumni event in DC with a lightning talk by #DukeMScGH Beth Eanelli, reception and panel including Beth, #DGHI professor Nimmi Ramanujam, @intrahealthinternational CEO and DGHI board member Pape Gaye, and Wendy Taylor ’90, a fellow at the @rockefellerfdn. The panel, “Turning Innovation into Impact: How Can Technology and Innovation Bring About Greater Health Equity?,” was moderated by DGHI professor Krishna Udayakumar. Here, panelists share a light moment together. The event was a huge success—big thanks to 75+ of our alums and others for joining us!
#DukeMScGH student Chris Hayes has been preparing for this yearly event with his team for months … but he figured it couldn’t hurt to wear his lucky red shoes! All four teams did an amazing job presenting their policy solutions to increase availability and affordability of hypertension meds in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Curious about Policy Idol? Check out the highlights on our Instagram story!
#DGHI researchers Bill Pan and Ernesto Ortiz recently wrapped up a productive week discussing their research on artisanal gold mining in Peru with key stakeholders. Here they are at a meeting in the Congress of the Republic of Peru with Congressman Wilbert Rozas, president of the Commission of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples, Environment and Ecology. They also met with Dr. Luis Hildago, regional governor of Madre de Dios, and signed a new agreement with Instituto Nacional de Salud (INS), Peru's NIH equivalent.
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Today our team at @DukeCPIGH had the privilege of guest lecturing at center Director Gavin Yamey’s global health policy class. Sharing the faces of future global health leaders and the brilliant solutions they came up with for donor transition related challenges for health! #GlobalHealth
Last week, second-year #DukeMScGH student Yolande Pokam Tchuisseu had the opportunity to meet #globalhealth legend Paul Farmer at a talk at Carrboro High School organized by social studies teacher Matt Cone. Farmer is a physician, medical anthropologist, writer, Harvard professor and co-founder of @partnersinhealth.
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Check out the amazing pictures taken by #BassConnections students @ryanfitzgerald19, @lisar35 and Ajilé Owens during their trip to Madagascar! The students spent two months in remote countryside collecting data on how land-use decisions influence ecological communities and disease transmission.
April 25, 2019

The media may make it seem like there's one "anti-vax movement." But DGHI and Duke University experts say the forms of vaccine hesitancy--and the reasons behind them, vary widely--and so should the approaches to addressing this issue. #VaccinesWork #WorldImmunizationWeek

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April 24, 2019

On Monday evening, senior global health majors presented their capstone research at Trent Hall. Kudos to all of them on their hard work and innovative ideas--we're so proud of them!

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April 23, 2019

Hunter-gatherers are among the healthiest people on Earth, and DGHI professor Herman Pontzer has dedicated much of his career to learning what's behind their good health. While we may not be ready to go all-in on a Paleo lifestyle, Pontzer has taken away some lessons that we can apply to our own lives:

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April 22, 2019

DGHI's Shenglan Tang believes that developing more equitable and efficient health insurance programs in low- and middle-countries could be instrumental in achieving universal coverage of healthcare at an affordable cost. That's why he advocated for a better system in China. Center for Policy Impact in Global Health

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April 19, 2019

Yesterday WHO released new recommendations on 10 ways that countries can use digital health technology, accessible via mobile phones, tablets and computers, to improve people’s health and essential services. Learn more:

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April 18, 2019

We couldn't be more proud of our Duke Bass Connections global health teams who presented posters and gave lightning talks at yesterday's Bass Connections Showcase! They're doing incredible, impactful work that has the potential to change lives! Here's just a tiny sampling.

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