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Explore the many ways DGHI is improving health outcomes and access in communities around the world.

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Each year our annual report highlights DGHI's research, education and partnership around the world. View the 2022-23 Report, Bright Ideas, Brighter Futures now.

Bright Ideas, Brighter Futures - Impact Report 2022-2023

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Past Reports

Ideas Without Boundaries

INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH: We bring together the best minds to work on the world’s toughest health challenges.

Duke Cancer Institute researchers
Research News

Closing the Racial Divide in Cancer Care

Sri Lankan farmers
Research News

Feeling the Heat

Flying fox bat
DGHI In the Media

Searching for the Next Viral Threat

Simple Solutions that Scale

INNOVATION: We spark innovations that create better health outcomes worldwide.

Infrascan device being used on and by research assistants in Uganda.
Around DGHI

A Pocket-Sized Alternative to a CT Scan

Huchko & Ramanujam
Around DGHI

Engineering a Revolution in Women's Health

Asma Mirza and Tra Tran
Alumni Stories

Shifting Their Vision

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: We prepare students to make a world of difference.

Hana Zwick
Education News

For These Master’s Students, Practice is Perfect

Student Stories

Lessons From Kilimanjaro

Open book
Education News

Learning the Deepest of Dives into Clinical Research Literature

Partnering for Change

COLLABORATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING: We work side-by-side with communities to address the challenges they identify.

PEARL facility in Webuye, Kenya
Research News

A PEARL for Partnership

River in the Amazon forest
Research News

Snakebites and Terabytes: How a Duke Data Scientist is Helping Brazil Get Antivenom Where It’s Needed

Herbal healing in Uganda
Research News

Understanding the Influence of Spiritual Beliefs on Epilepsy Care

Guided by Evidence

POLICY ANALYSIS AND ADVOCACY: We advance healthcare solutions that create real results.

Done delivering Covid vaccines
Research News

Addressing the Global Vaccine Gap

LGBTQ Pride flag
Around DGHI

Charting an Agenda for Transgender Health

Ernesto Ortiz with Girl - Health Check
Research News

How DGHI Researchers Built Community Trust to Change Policy in the Peruvian Amazon

Global Is Local, Local Is Global

GLOBAL HEALTH AT HOME: We bring global perspective to health disparities in our own community.

Placeholder Image
DGHI In the Media

One sleep or two? Understanding the debate over segmented sleep

DGHI SRT Team in Pamlico County
Education News

Moving from Surviving to Thriving

Eve Puffer in Kenya
Research News

A Family Support Model Developed in Kenya Comes to North Carolina