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Subhrendu Pattanayak

Professor, Public Policy, Environment and Global Health
Sanford School of Public Policy



Recent Publications

Rieb, JT, Chaplin-Kramer, R, Daily, GC, Armsworth, PR, Böhning-Gaese, K, Bonn, A, Cumming, GS, Eigenbrod, F, Grimm, V, Jackson, BM, Marques, A, Pattanayak, SK, Pereira, HM, Peterson, GD, Ricketts, TH, Robinson, BE, Schröter, M, Schulte, LA, Seppelt, R, Turner, MG, & Bennett, EM. (2018, March 1). Response to Kabisch and Colleagues. BioScience, 68 (3), 167-168.
Rosenthal, J, Balakrishnan, K, Bruce, N, Chambers, D, Graham, J, Jack, D, Kline, L, Masera, O, Mehta, S, Mercado, IR, Neta, G, Pattanayak, S, Puzzolo, E, Petach, H, Punturieri, A, Rubinstein, A, Sage, M, Sturke, R, Shankar, A, Sherr, K, Smith, K, & Yadama, G. (2017, January). Implementation Science to Accelerate Clean Cooking for Public Health. Environmental health perspectives, 125 (1), A3-A7.

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