Student Research Training Program

The Student Research Training Program (SRT) is an intensive experiential learning program that engages second-year and third-year undergraduate students in the development, implementation and assessment of a community-based project. We partner with community-based organizations in Honduras, India, Kenya and the United States to address issues ranging from infant mortality to health care mapping to access to care for migrant populations to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

Working with a faculty director and a community partner, you will be at the center of global health challenges. You will have the opportunity to use skills that you have learned in the classroom to support community-based partners. If you are selected for the SRT, you will receive a grant to cover the costs of your fieldwork. 

Recycling Lessons Learned in Global Health Classes

When I started my 8-week summer project at Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers, Inc., more widely known as TROSA, I had a few general expectations about how the summer would go.

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Recycling Lessons Learned in Global Health Classes

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To ensure you support our community partner successfully, SRT requires you to commit to significant preparation, including readings and background research. You will also agree to attend:

  • Biweekly meetings with faculty directors
  • Pre-departure workshops focused on project development and implementation
  • A re-entry retreat to process your experience
  • The Global Health Showcase to present your work


The SRT program is open to second- and third-year undergraduates who have demonstrated an interest in global health through coursework. Previous community-based project experience is preferred but not required.  



Program Deadline: October 29, 2020

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Review past project examples

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