DGHI Professor Mary Story Selected for The Obesity Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Published October 31, 2019 under Education News

Duke Global Health Institute's Mary Story

Mary Story, Professor of Global Health, and Family Medicine and Community Health and Associate Director for Academic Programs, Duke Global Health Institute.

DGHI faculty member Mary Story, professor of global health, and family medicine and community health, has been recognized by The Obesity Society for her impact as a leader in the field of obesity.

Story will receive the prestigious 2019 Friends of Albert (Mickey) Stunkard Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes individuals who’ve made outstanding contributions to the field of obesity throughout their careers, including scholarship, mentorship and education. 

A member of the National Academy of Medicine, Story has devoted her career to the study of child and adolescent nutrition and childhood obesity prevention and has published close to 450 scientific articles in her field. She serves as the director of Healthy Eating research, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where she supports research on policy, systems and environmental strategies to promote healthy eating among children and prevent childhood obesity.

“It is such an honor to receive this award. We have made progress over the past few decades in understanding the drivers of obesity. However, it is a major health issue around the world and much work remains to be done in order to find effective solutions for prevention and treatment,” Story says.

Story will receive the award during ObesityWeek 2019, Nov. 3-7, in Las Vegas. The international conference brings together thousands, including obesity researchers, surgeons, clinicians and policy experts.