What is Your Global Health IQ?

Published July 10, 2008

How many of the questions posted in the Duke Chronicle on July 15 did you get right?  Check the answers below, and then click the the link at the end to enter into the drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the Duke Book Store.  (Only Duke students are eligible.)

1.  Deaths from measles decreased by what percent worldwide between 2000 and 2006 because of increased vaccination efforts (primarily in developing countries)?
a. 68%
b. 76%
c. 97%

(Source: CDC)

2.  What disease causes the most deaths each year, worldwide?
b.  Heart Disease
c.  Diarrheal diseases

(Source: WHO)

3.  A baby born today in Swaziland is expected to live about as long as an American baby born in what year?
a. 1850, when the U.S. life expectancy was 39.6 years
b. 1900
c. 1950

(Source: UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Department and the EH.Net Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History)

4.  How many additional doctors, nurses, and management support workers are needed right now to fulfill the world’s urgent need for health care professionals?
a.  1.2 million
b.  2.5 million
d.  4.25 million

(Source: WHO, 2006)

5.  African-Americans in NC have a higher risk than whites in NC of dying of which of these diseases?
a. Heart Disease
b. Cancer
c. Diabetes
d. All of the above

(Source: North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics)

6. In how many countries do Duke faculty have global health research projects?
a. 15
b. 24
c. 33

(Source: Duke Global Health Institute)

Thanks for testing your global health IQ!

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