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Sumedha Ariely

Associate Professor of the Practice of Global Health
Trent 211
(919) 681-7944
Sumi Ariely


Sumi Ariely serves as an Assistant Professor of the Practice in Global Health at Duke University and teaches the global health research methods and global health ethics course. Dr. Ariely holds a PhD in Psychology with a focus on cognitive development and culture. She has been active in applied and basic research in the past and has international experience with global and public health issues in a variety of contexts. Ariely lived in West-Africa for two years during which she worked on maternal and child health care and with communities at risk for HIV/AIDS exposure. As a developmental psychologist she is interested in the relations between cultural, social, and biological influences on development and health decisions and outcomes. Dr. Ariely has mentored a large variety of research and service projects in the US, Africa and Asia, and is involved in research examining the transition orphans and vulnerable children make from institutions to communities in Ethiopia.

Before coming to Duke, she was at MIT where she taught classes in developmental psychology, seminars on research and assessment, and served as advisor to MBA students interning as social entrepreneur consultants for local and international NGOs.


Title Number Level
Global Health Service, Research and Ethics GLHLTH 373
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