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Stillbirths and Neonatal Mortality in Project villages of the comprehensive Rural health Project

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to investigate causes and risk factors for perinatal and neonatal mortality in villages that work with CRHP in Maharasthra India. Subsets of risk factors may include prenatal practices, knowledge and local perceptions towards causes of neonatal mortality, and access to and choice of childbirth services. Data from this project may be combined with previous data collected at Jamkhed to identify trends in neonatal mortality rates and their relation to important demographic characteristics such as child gender, family education and economic status. Additionally, other risk factors such as premature birth or low birth weight will be evaluated to determine prevalence in Jamkhed villages and relationship to mortality outcomes. Identifying causes behind these risk factors may contribute to determining effective prevention strategies. Data from this project will help our community partner continue to assess needs and progress made in perinatal and maternal health and may help add to and inform quality care recommendations being made at the national and international level.



Project Collaborators

  • Jamkhed Comprehensive Rural Health Project

Project Status


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