Sumedha Ariely

Associate Professor of the Practice of Global Health

Sumi Gupta Ariely serves as an Associate Professor of the Practice in Global Health and teaches a variety of courses, including global health research methods and global health ethics. Dr. Ariely holds a PhD in Psychology with a focus on cognitive development and culture. She has international experience with global health issues in a variety of contexts (US, West and East Africa, South and East Asia) and has worked on maternal, child, and adolescent health, and community health development. As a developmental psychologist she is interested in the relations between cultural, social, and biological factors on health behaviors and outcomes.  Recently, she has taken an additional role as faculty lead for DGHI's Durham Research and Service work.  This connects to her and other faculty's long-standing interest in prioritizing the 'Local-is-Global' approach to GH work. 


  • GLHLTH 101

    Fundamentals of Global Health

  • GLHLTH 499

    Global Health Capstone