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Eric Green

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Global Health
Trent 228
(919) 681-7289
Eric Green


Green is an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Global Health at DGHI. His primary research interest is how technology can improve health and health systems in low-income settings. He is currently collaborating with colleagues on studies in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Liberia, and Rwanda. His research portfolio spans from formative work on human centered design to impact evaluations of individual and group interventions. Green holds a doctorate in Clinical-Community Psychology from the University of South Carolina. Green teaches several courses in the undergraduate and MSc programs, including a course on Global Health Research. His textbook and course materials are available at



Title Number Level
Research Methods in Global Health
Crosslisted as PSY 309

Introduction to research methods through examination of a variety of methodological techniques in behavioral and social sciences and relevant to multidisciplinary GH research. Problem-based approach to practice identifying GH questions of interest, ways to operationalize and test them, including strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. Focus on discussing current GH issues, exploring questions and solutions, reading and evaluating published research and interpreting results. Skills include identification of global health problems, awareness of contextual, behavioral, and ethical issues involved, conceptualization of research questions, and designing a research study.

Course Notes:
For students who matriculated at Duke in Fall 2009 or later, this is the only Methods course approved for the GHC. Students who matriculated at Duke prior to Fall 2009 will have had other options to fulfill the GHC Methods requirement.
Was: GLHLTH 163
UG Only
Global Health Research: Design and Practice

Course provides a foundation in study design, research question development, field implementation, measurement, validity and reliability. Quantitative and qualitative research approaches are examined. Students build critical skills in reading, interpreting and synthesizing scientific literature. The selection of appropriate measurements and survey development is emphasized and issues in field implementation explored.

Course Notes:
Was: GLHLTH 321
Global Health Capstone

Capstone Course for students in Global Health Major. Group analysis of a current global health problem/issue. Project involves background research, data acquisition, analysis, writing, and presentation of a substantial research paper/report at an advanced level. Consent of program director required.

Course Notes:
Prereqs: Foundations, Ethics, Research Methods, ELA; Formerly GLHLTH 501
Was: GLHLTH 501
UG Only
Global Mental Health
Crosslisted as RIGHTS 660 PSY 611 CULANTH 611

Examination of global mental health from perspectives of culture, public health, epidemiology, human rights, policy, and intervention. Disciplines include cross-cultural psychiatry, medical anthropology, public mental health, and economics. Topics include ethics, stigma, cross-cultural classification of mental health, ethnopsychology, trauma, violence, disasters, and displacement. Populations include children, ethnic minorities, refugees, survivors of complex emergencies, and persons with chronic disease. Course highlights mixed-methods approaches to research and intervention evaluation. Designed for graduate students & advanced undergraduates. Prior research methods course recommended.

Course Notes:
Was: GLHLTH 223S


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