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Henry Rice

Professor of Surgery and Global Health
School of Medicine
Henry Rice


I am a Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Duke, and have served as the Division Chief of Pediatric Surgery since 2007. During this time, I have overseen our division's clinical, teaching, and research missions, as well as have served in numerous departmental and institutional roles within Duke Children's services. Over the past several years, I have developed an increasing interest in global surgery, particularly on clinical and research questions that challenge the practice of pediatric surgery in resource-constrained environments. Rice leads the Duke-Guatemala Pediatric Surgery/Urology Project, an ongoing clinical, educational, and research collaboration with the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala.


Recent Publications

Expert Panel on Pediatric Imaging:, , Karmazyn, BK, Alazraki, AL, Anupindi, SA, Dempsey, ME, Dillman, JR, Dorfman, SR, Garber, MD, Moore, SG, Peters, CA, Rice, HE, Rigsby, CK, Safdar, NM, Simoneaux, SF, Trout, AT, Westra, SJ, Wootton-Gorges, SL, & Coley, BD. (2017, May). ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Urinary Tract Infection-Child. Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR, 14 (5S), S362-S371.

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