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Henry Rice

Professor of Surgery and Global Health
School of Medicine
Henry Rice


I am a Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Duke, and have served as the Division Chief of Pediatric Surgery since 2007. During this time, I have overseen our division's clinical, teaching, and research missions, as well as have served in numerous departmental and institutional roles within Duke Children's services. Over the past several years, I have developed an increasing interest in global surgery, particularly on clinical and research questions that challenge the practice of pediatric surgery in resource-constrained environments. Rice leads the Duke-Guatemala Pediatric Surgery/Urology Project, an ongoing clinical, educational, and research collaboration with the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala.


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Global Surgical Care

Lack of access to surgical care threatens the health of people throughout the world's poorest regions, and impacts all areas of health care. This seminar will address issues surrounding the delivery of surgical and anesthesia care in low- and middle income countries for students and clinical trainees in global health. This course will focus on surgical care delivery and management; workforce, training, and education; and economics and finance. The content of this course will be based on the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery report and support materials. The format will be a weekly seminar, readings, and case studies.

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