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Gavin JD Smith

Associate Research Professor, Global Health
Associate Professor, Program in Emerging Infectious Diseases, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore
Duke Global Health Institute
Gavin Smith


My research integrates ideas from a number of scientific fields including evolutionary genetics, virology, ecology, and infectious disease epidemiology. I conduct human and animal disease surveillance, virus isolation and characterization (genetic and phenotypic), then conduct large-scale analyses to generate hypotheses that are tested in the laboratory using tissue culture and animal models. I am primarily interested in the roles played by mutation, natural selection, recombination/reassortment and host immune response on virus diversity within an individual, during transmission within a population and during inter-species transmission between hosts. I work mostly on influenza but also study a wide range of respiratory and enteric viruses. My research program is directed at efforts to better understand viral disease ecosystems in Asia, specifically the animal-human interface, to inform and enhance disease control.