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Georgia Tomaras

Professor (with tenure), Department of Surgery
Professor, Department of Immunology
Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
School of Medicine
Surgery: Surgical Sciences

(919) 681-5598

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Georgia Tomaras


Dr. Tomaras' overall research program is to understand the cellular and humoral immune response to HIV-1 infection and vaccination that are involved in protection from HIV-1. The research in the Tomaras laboratory centers around three main projects involving 1) antiviral CD8 T cell responses in HIV-1 infection and post vaccination, 2) mucosal and systemic antibody responses to infection and vaccination in both non-human primates and humans and 3) the ontogeny of neutralizing antibodies in HIV-1 infection. Her laboratory is also within the Duke Human Vaccine Institute.



Recent Publications

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