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Blake Wilson

Co-Director, Duke Hearing Center
Blake Wilson


I am keenly interested in improving hearing health care worldwide, especially in low- and mid-income countries as defined by the World Bank. I have been involved in the development of low-cost cochlear implants that could be widely applied in many of those countries, and I have been a leading participant in multiple efforts to identify the barriers to better hearing health care and possible ways to surmount the barriers. I along with Professor Debara Tucci have served as the principal outside experts for efforts in India to improve hearing health there, and we have served as consultants to the past President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. In 2010, Professors Tucci, Merson, and I published a paper in Otology & Neurotology, "A summary of the literature on global hearing impairment: Current status and priorities for action," that has become a highly cited publication. Earlier this year, I and Gerard O'Donoghue (who is an otologic surgeon in the UK) were invited to write a commissioned review for The Lancet on "Global hearing health care" and Gerry and I subsequently invited Professors Tucci and Merson to work with us in that project and they graciously accepted our invitation.

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