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Jim Zhang

Professor, Global and Environmental Health
Nicholas School of the Environment

(919) 681-7782

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Jim Zhang


Dr. Zhang joined the Duke Faculty in fall 2013 from the University of Southern California where he had been a professor of environmental and global health and the director of Environmental and Biomarkers Analysis Laboratory since 2010. His prior positions include professor, department chair, and associate dean at the Rutgers School of Public Health. Dr. Zhang has more than 140 peer-reviewed publications. His work has been featured in major international media such as the Time, the New York Times, BBC, ABC, CBS, Yahoo News, etc. His early work on characterizing sources of non-methane greenhouse gases made him one of the officially recognized contributor to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to IPCC. He is the 2012 recipient of the Jeremy Wesolowski Award, the highest award of the International Society of Exposure Science. He also received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the Rutgers Graduate School.

Dr. Zhang's research interests include developing novel biomarkers of human exposure and health effects, assessing health and climate co-benefits of air pollution interventions, and examining biological mechanisms by which environmental exposures exert adverse health effects. Dr. Zhang has led a number of international collaborations to study air pollution health effects and underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms. He is currently leading two multidisciplinary, multi-institutional centers studying the health impact of engineered nanomaterials.


Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
Air Quality: Human Exposure and Health Effects
Crosslisted as GLHLTH 634

nLooks at how individuals and populations are exposed to air pollution and what adverse health effects the exposure will cause. Covers exposure analysis methods, toxicological and epidemiological studies that examine health effects of air pollution exposure. Students will be prepared to understand concept and major methodologies of analysis for air pollution; how toxicology is used to determine adverse effects of air pollution exposure and underlying biological mechanisms; collect evidence on air pollution health effects in supporting health risk assessment. Prerequisites: general biology, statistics. Instructor: Zhang

Course Notes:
Was: ENVIRON 4692
UG/GRAD FALL 2017 MAJOR: Focused Study
MINOR: Elective
MSC: Elective
PhD: Elective


Recent Publications

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