Liping Feng

Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Liping Feng has devoted her entire career to improve pregnancy outcomes through innovative research. Dr. Feng conducts both basic science/laboratory research and participates in clinical studies. Her laboratory has focused on understanding the mechanisms of preterm birth, an important cause of perinatal and neonates' mortality and morbidity. Currently, she has four lines of investigation focused on the roles of progesterone receptors, inflammation/infection, genetic variation, and environmental exposure in preterm birth. These works are translated then to the clinical care of women through studies dedicated to identify risk factors and novel biomarkers for early prediction and prevention of preterm birth.

Dr. Feng services as a director and instructor for Duke Molecular Bio Techniques Workshop. This two-credit workshop designed to train clinical fellows in basic laboratory techniques. This workshop attracts participants from around the country and is now part of the Duke Clinical Research Training Master's Program. In addition, Dr. Feng has established an international collaboration in global women's health.