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Education & Training

Lysa MacKeen

Assistant Director for Experiential Learning

Trent 132
(919) 681-5642

Lysa manages the experiential learning programs for DGHI education programs, including undergraduate, graduate and medical school third year research programs. She directs the undergraduate Student Research Training program and is the Bass Connections Global Health theme administrator. In these capacities, she works with faculty to develop projects offering local and international global health fieldwork opportunities, connects students to existing Duke service and research opportunities and coordinates student proposal development and funding through DGHI. Lysa also is available to consult with GH faculty on linking courses to students' past, current, and future research or service projects. Lysa has an MPH from Tulane University, was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, and lived in West Africa for several years.

If you want to start a conversation with me: Ask me what I’m reading. I’ve been known to plan trips around visits to bookstores.

Lysa MacKeen