João Ricardo Vissoci

Assistant Professor, Surgery and Neurosurgery

Dr. Vissoci has a background in psychology and data science with a PhD in Social Psychology from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo/Brazil. He is an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, Global Health and Neurosurgery. Before joining the Duke, Dr. Vissoci was an assistant professor of Public Health in Brazil, and completed two postdoctoral fellowships in data science at the University of Sao Paulo and the Duke Global Health Institute. He co-directs the Global Emergency Medicine Innovation and Implementatio (GEMINI) from the Department of Surgery, Division of Emergency Medicine, and a member of the Research Design and Analysis Core (RDAC) at the DGHI. He also leads the Geoprocessing and Technology reserch group (GETS) at the State University of Maringá/Brazil.

His research interests include mixed-methods, implementation and data science applied to access and equity in healthcare and health systems. He is specifically interested in combining technology and data, databse development and innovation to bridge the gap in access to care in low-resourced areas. He is also interested in global mental health with an emphasis on the use of daily activities to improve mental health reintegration. Dr. Vissoci has actively worked in Brazil looking into population health, health systems and quality of care, and in Tanzania and Uganda with a focus on traumatic brain injury, mental health and technology.