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Creating an improved technology is an important step, but its utility can only benefit the target population if it is widely adopted. In this project, we will use an innovative approach to identify the best strategy for adoption of the POCkeT Colposcope in a country-specific setting. This approach is the value chain analysis (VCA) framework, which uses a holistic, system-based approach to map the ecosystem of activities and actors involved in a given development project. VCA, a widely used tool in international economic development, is most recently being applied to social aspects of development, including healthcare. The framework is useful because it looks at the actors and activities in a sector or service, as well as the policies that help to promote delivery of these services to the target population, which is a critical step in the wide scale implementation of the screening technology. In this project, a diverse team of faculty, staff and students will map the various stakeholders involved in the implementation of the POCkeT Colposcope in Peru, one of the initial launch countries.

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Biomedical Engineering
Pratt School of Engineering



Project Collaborators

  • Duke University
  • Duke University

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