Bienvenue à Durham: Welcoming French Speaking Refugees to North Carolina


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Bienvenue à Durham: Welcoming French Speaking Refugees to North Carolina

Students enrolled in two courses: the fall course FR 325S/GLHLTH 325S Issues in Global Displacement, and the spring tutorial FR 270T/GLHLTH 270T Voices in Global Health, work with recently resettled refugees from the CAR and the DRC. Objectives are to : 1. better understand how culture and language impact health care choices and health-care disparities 2. learn how to create culturally-appropriate interventions to promote healthy behaviors and reduce high-risk behaviors 3. develop intercultural competency through interpersonal communicative assignments and activities Specific objectives vary semester to semester, but include development of cultural competence, digital literacy, increased awareness of refugee populations in local communities.

Projects include:

  • Digital Literacy. Obtained computers from Duke Surplus to distribute to local refugee families. Students developed training program for families that ranged from basics in MS Word and Internet to social media awareness (digital footprint). 
  • Comunity Outreach. Students published series of articles on refugee resettlement in the US in the N+O and in Central African newspaper. Classes staged a museum exhibit at the Durham History Hub.
  • Language support for English Language Learners for Central Africans. Trilingual website (English, French, Swahili) with needs-based modules to support linguistic and cultural integration. 

Bienvenue à Durham received a national award from the American Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Last updated on January 29, 2018