Bihar Evaluation of Social Franchasing and Telemedicine (BEST) Supplement



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  • Stanford University

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Bihar Evaluation of Social Franchasing and Telemedicine (BEST) Supplement

COHESIVE-India, a collaboration of researchers from Duke, Stanford, University College London, and World Bank, along with partners from ISERDD, Sambodhi, and PHFI, was awarded "BEST-- Bihar Evaluation of Social Franchising and Telemedicine" in June 2011. The purpose of this proposal is to add additional funding to the existing project to enable the primary investigators to devote more effort to the project and accommodate an extended timeline. The goal of the project remains to conduct a rigorous evaluation of the Gates private provider project which is a social franchising and telemedicine project being implemented by World Health Partners (WHP). This Evaluation Project will be conducted by COHESIVE-India and its partners in consultation with the Gates Foundation. Given the complexity and time-sensitive nature of the proposed study, the evaluation project will be undertaken in two parts, which are planned to follow seamlessly from one to the other. The first part was the preparatory phase of the evaluation which began in November 2010 and ended in May 2011 and the second is implementation of the field work which began in June 2011. This proposal focuses on additional funding for the implementation phase of the evaluation. The implementation phase (June 2011 - December 2015) of the evaluation project focuses on the field work, including surveys, data analysis, and preparation of manuscripts. We will begin the second round of data collection in May 2014. The first activity will be to undertake a house listing, from which a cluster randomized sample of households will be selected for the full household survey. Provider assessments will be conducted which includes patient observation, vignettes and standardized patients. Questions will be included in the household and provider surveys to collect data to conduct a cost effectiveness analysis.