Our Work

Capacity building and improved quality of the care developed for adults who have survived a stroke and are discharged from the hospital (China)

Project Overview

Aligned with the Duke Global Health Institute’s’ health system priority, this exploratory work with the leadership of the China National Center for Neurological Diseases Research will identify health systems’ expertise and capacity to deliver the most appropriate model of early supported discharge in China. We will leverage the center’s national network of hospitals already participating in several transformational stroke studies including the Chinese National Stroke Registry. This clinical registry includes participation of 221 hospitals across China committed to examining the provision of acute stroke care and improving stroke care quality. However, research and quality improvement efforts to date with participating hospitals have focused entirely within the hospital, do not involve nursing or rehabilitation professionals, do not address discharge planning and the transition of stroke patients back to their community-level providers, and do not provide clinical follow-up (post-discharge patient contact is for outcome assessment only). Discussions are ongoing with the Center’s leadership and this will be the first proposal for research that evaluates the landscape for multi-site research on care that extends beyond acute treatment and addresses post-stroke needs.


Project Status


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