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Childhood Undernutrition: Metabolomic Analysis to Assess the Effectiveness of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food Intervention

Project Overview

Childhood undernutrition is a major global health problem. The objective of this project is to assess the effectiveness and mechanisms of action of a nutritional supplement called Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) in the treatment of malnourished children. The study is performed at the Mwanamugimu Nutrition Unit of Mulago Hospital in Kampala. Researchers are determining if changes in hormones and growth factors during RUTF therapy provide clinical benefit through improved immunologic function. Researchers determine if it is possible to identify biomarkers that predict the response to RUTF, the recurrence of malnutrition after treatment, or the development of secondary infections.

1. Severe acute malnutrition in childhood: hormonal and metabolic status at presentation, response to treatment, and predictors of mortality. Sarah Bartz, Aaloke Mody, Christoph Hornik, James Bain, Michael Muehlbauer, Tonny Kiyimba, Elizabeth Kiboneka, Robert Stevens, John Bartlett, John V. St. Peter, Christopher B. Newgard, and Michael Freemark, in revision

2. Effects of HIV infection on Metabolic and Hormonal Status in Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition. Aaloke Mody, Sarah Bartz, Christoph P Hornik, Tonny Kiyimba, James Bain, Michael Muehlbauer, Elizabeth Kiboneka, Robert Stevens, John V. St. Peter, Christopher B. Newgard, John Bartlett, and Michael Freemark, in preparation

Not until the papers are published and the data are reviewed

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