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China's Experiences in Control of Malaria, Schistosomiasis and Other NTDs: Relevant to LMICs through Distillation, Synthesis and Dissemination Approaches

Project Overview

The project goal is to enhance efforts to translate Chinese experiences and technologies to LMICs in Africa and Asia through innovative approaches to distill, synthesize and disseminate China’s experiences and lessons learnt from malaria and schistosomiasis control programs.

The planned project outcomes are:

1. Improved global network for tropical diseases
2. Enhanced Chinese technical ability regarding global health engagement
3. Establishing a Chinese think tank with global vision

The following publication is an outcome of this project:

X.N. Zhou, Z.G. Xia, R.B. Wang, Y.J. Qian, S.S. Zhou, J. Utzinger, M. Tanner, R. Kramer, and W.Z. Yang, "Feasibility and Roadmap Analysis for Malaria Elimination in China," 21-46, Chapter 2 in Malaria Control and Elimination Program in the People's Republic of China, X.N. Zhou, R. Kramer, and W.Z. Yang, editors, Advances in Parasitology, 86 (2014):1-360.

This project will enhance efforts to translate Chinese experiences and technologies related to malaria and schistosomiasis control to LMICs in Africa and Asia.


Department & School

Environmental Sciences and Policy
Nicholas School of the Environment



  • Department for International Development

Project Collaborators

  • National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Project Status


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