Impact of Social Accountability Interventions on Healthcare Delivery and Health Outcomes in U.P., India




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Impact of Social Accountability Interventions on Healthcare Delivery and Health Outcomes in U.P., India

The World Bank Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF), during its 2nd global call for proposals, awarded a grant (IE-P150365) to conduct an evaluation of Social Accountability (SA) interventions to improve the Health Delivery systems in the state of UP that are being implemented as part of the Uttar Pradesh Health System Strengthening Project (UPHSSP). The grant proposal, led by Vikram Rajan (World Bank), includes a team of evaluation experts - Prof. Manoj Mohanan (Duke University), and Prof. Harsha Thirumurthy (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; UNC-CH) - who will serve as principal investigators for the development and implementation of the evaluation. The specific objective of this project is to develop and implement a detailed impact evaluation of social accountability (SA) interventions in two districts (Fatehpur and Sultanpur) in Uttar Pradesh (UP), India. This evaluation being implemented by the Duke/UNC-CH team is a subset of a larger evaluation of the block level SA interventions being implemented in 10 districts by the UP Health System Strengthening Project (UPHSSP) and the State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD). The specific tasks for the Duke/UNC-CH team include: * Provide technical inputs into the development of the information dissemination component of the social accountability intervention. * Analyze the baseline data and produce indicators of health outcomes and healthcare * Coordinate with UPHSSP, SIRD and the research implementation partner to be recruited in India, to finalize the development and roll out of the SA interventions in all districts. * Provide supervision of all field activities including intervention, monitoring, and evaluation by a project manager based in UP * Finalize instruments for follow up data collection, develop TORs for selection of a data collection firm, and provide technical support to the firm in sampling, training, and implementation of data collection. * Conduct data quality checks * Analyze data, present findings and develop manuscripts from baseline and follow-up rounds to estimate the impact of SA interventions * Develop and implement a suite of research activities to test the effectiveness of information dissemination strategies that will inform future scale up decisions for UP and SA interventions globally.

* Will provide information on how governments can use social accountability interventions as a policy tool to improve service delivery. * Will elucidate the role of information, relative to facilitation, in creating accountability * Will study optimal strategies for dissemination of information for accountability in order to inform policy solutions for the government * The project has already led to roll out of social accountability interventions in several major areas in the state.