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Innovations in Healthcare (formerly the International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery) is a nonprofit organization hosted by Duke University and founded in 2011 by Duke Medicine, McKinsey & Company, and the World Economic Forum. It aims to improve healthcare worldwide by supporting the scale and impact of promising innovations. It receives support from and collaborates with a global and diverse group of organizations, including corporations and foundations that are committed to strengthening and increasing the scale of healthcare innovations.

At the heart of Innovations in Healthcare is its network of 50 innovators from around the world working to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare. Every year, the organization identifies and recruits entrepreneurs with promising models of healthcare to apply to join its network as innovators. Through a highly competitive process, it then select the best organizations to join. It helps connect these innovators with opportunities, information, and contacts they need to scale up their work.

Innovations in Healthcare hosts and attends meetings where it highlights the work of innovators both individually and collectively. Its Annual Forum is an intensive two-day annual gathering where innovators and leaders in the social, private, and public sector gather to collaborate and exchange ideas and insights. Innovations in Healthcare facilitates the development and dissemination of focused insights and new evidence about healthcare innovation and strategies to scale and replicate good ideas. Innovations in Healthcare produces white papers and case studies on healthcare innovation, both independently and in collaboration with partners.

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Duke Global Health Institute


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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