Our Work

Physical and mental health support and outcomes for children in residential care programs

Project Overview

• Helping collect baseline data using current tools on bio-psycho-social health, including attachment, risk/resiliency, trauma, physical health, growth and nutrition • Exploring, developing, and helping validate new tools for the Indian OVC population • Combining and helping analyze current physical and mental health data • Active involvement in mentoring and teaching/training children in Udayan care homes • Immersion in the local culture and interaction with health workers, policy makers, and child guardians to better understand solutions to promote optimal care and development.

This project aims to provide information on the psychological care needs of orphaned and separated children raised in small-scale institutional settings and identify areas in which additional mental health assistance is needed. In addition, it contributes to a larger conversation and body of work exploring how NGO and government support of vulnerable populations in India can be improved and supported.


Project Collaborators

  • Udayan Care

Project Status


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