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Quality Improvement in Healthcare Workshop

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in conjunction with Duke University are organizing and co-hosting a Workshop on Quality of Health Care: Measurement & Efforts to Improve Quality in New Delhi, India on June 30 and July 1, 2015. The workshop aims to accomplish the following key objectives: 1. To present empirical evidence from research / innovative studies focusing on improving quality of healthcare 2. To share and explore challenges and solutions around measuring quality of care being tested and implemented by leading experts from across the globe. 3. To present the experiences of implementing agencies working on projects to improve quality of care especially in India, including using measurement as one mechanism of quality improvement. 4. To connect researchers and program implementers with policy makers in the healthcare sector in India so that the research and program agenda can aim address the critical needs facing policymakers in India. 5. To partner with a leading academic journal (TBD) to publish a special issue on Quality of Care in India drawing upon research presented at the workshop. With funding from the Gates Foundation, Duke will sponsor the travel and expenses for approximately 25 international participants to present findings from their research at the workshop. There is a great deal of ongoing research into improving the quality of health care, however there are few opportunities for researchers to congregate and discuss their efforts and findings. This workshop will host many renowned academicians, service providers and donors who are working to improve the quality of health care services, worldwide.

Workshop proceedings led to development of a special section of the journal Health Affairs focusing on quality of care in India and implications for policy priorities.

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