Our Work

A randomized controlled trial on rehabilitation through caregiver-delivered nurse-organized service programs for disabled stroke patients in rural China

Project Overview

**Background:** Stroke is the second leading cause of mortality and disability among adults worldwide. Rehabilitation is an effective treatment for stroke; however rehabilitation services are far from adequate in China, especially in rural China.

**Aims:** To develop, implement, and evaluate an evidence-based caregiver-delivered stroke rehabilitation program designed to improve the physical functioning of disabled stroke patients in rural China.

The total number of patient's recruitment from Zhangwu County Hospital and Qing Tongxia County Hospital is around 190. We launched a new site in Dianjiang County People's Hospital, Chongqing City from November 2015 following the same protocol with funding support from Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute. The patient recruitment (n=60) will start from Jan, 1st 2016 and last for 6 months.

This study, if proven effective, will improve the health and functioning of stroke patients, relieve caregiver burden, and build capacity within the care-delivery system.




Project Collaborators

  • China Medical University
  • Duke School of Nursing

Project Status


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