The Singapore Community Caregiving Survey


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The Singapore Community Caregiving Survey

The Informal Care Survey 2010 is the first nationally representa¬tive population-based survey from Singapore to explore various facets of care giving for community-dwelling older adults. The key objectives of the survey are to: identify the social and demographic characteristics of informal caregivers in Singapore looking after an elderly family member; identify the profile of the recipients of care; determine the specific caregiving tasks that are performed and time spent doing these tasks; identify and assess which informal caregivers are coping well with their care giving responsibilities and which are not, as well as the fac¬tors that might explain this difference (e.g. financial burden, lack of support, choice in providing such care); determine the impact of care giving (e.g., physical and mental health/well-being, employment) and the needs of informal caregivers (e.g., train¬ing, respite, financial assistance, education, formal home care); identify the social and demographic characteristics of a group of potential family caregivers of elderly who will need care in the fu¬ture; and determine the future choice mix of care among a group of elderly who do not currently need care.

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Last updated on January 10, 2018