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Workshop /CME Prototype on Global Health Theory and Practice for St. Damien's Hospital, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Project Overview

Following up on dialogue with Madeleine Stowe (a Duke parent), I visited St. Damiens Pediatric Hospital and its associated hospital, public school, and other facilities in November 2015 to discuss possible DGHI educational involvement. There are many possible avenues for development of initiatives, but we are currently focusing on the possibility of a Workshop on Global Health Theory and Practice, with video and digital components, to be done by Duke faculty including myself, Brandon Kohrt, Bonnie Kaiser, Dennis Clements, and perhaps others. Such a workshop could yield educational materials for the health care personnel who rotate through St. Damiens from many US medical institutions, and engage further cultural interaction with Haitian health care personnel.
The workshop would allow us to dialogue with Father Rick and his colleagues, and to target the best opportunities for DGHI undergrads or Masters students.


Department & School

Romance Studies
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences



Project Collaborators

  • Artists for Peace and Justice
  • St. Damiens

Project Status


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