Strategic Plan

Adopted in spring 2019, DGHI's current strategic plan provides a framework by which DGHI can maximize impact across four main areas of activity: Education, Research, Partnership and Engagement. The plan details specific priorities, actions and investments planned over a five-year period to position DGHI’s faculty, staff and students to pursue the greatest impact through their scholarship.

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Strategic Plan

Overview of Goals and Actions


GOAL: Focus DGHI’s educational programs on preparing students at every level to make an impact on global health


  • Build on the current success of the global health major for continued growth and improvement to maximize excellence in undergraduate learning.
  • Expand pathways for students in the Master of Science in Global Health program looking for professional practice-based careers in global health.
  • Enhance opportunities for doctoral training in global health in partnership with other Duke doctoral programs.
  • Create a broad, graduate-level certificate program accessible to all Duke graduate and professional students to enhance academic engagement and relationships across Duke schools and programs.
  • Enhance career and professional development programming for global health students, trainees and graduates.


GOAL: Increase DGHI’s effectiveness at informing and shaping global health policy and implementation of global health innovations.


  • Translate DGHI research into policy and practice for maximal impact, via an Evidence-to-Impact initiative.
  • Position faculty to take larger roles as public thought leaders and in advocating for global health ideas and practices.
  • Enhance interdisciplinary approaches to innovation to accelerate application of new solutions to meet global health challenges.
  • Encourage greater engagement among DGHI alumni and Duke alumni working in global health.


GOAL: Bolster key interdisciplinary research themes that align with Duke and DGHI’s strengths and create the most opportunity for impact.


  • Make strategic investments to build and strengthen research programs in three cross-cutting areas where Duke and DGHI are poised to have impact.
  • Provide all faculty state-of-the-art tools, mentoring and support to compete in changing funding environments and translate research and policy work to impact.


GOAL: Take greater advantage of DGHI’s highly effective international and domestic partnerships to deepen collaboration and learning opportunities.


  • Bring more coordination and focus to global health projects and approaches in Durham and the U.S. South.
  • Expand global health-focused collaborations with Priority Partnership Locations (PPLs) and other partners.
  • Ensure PPLs are incorporated and leveraged in Duke’s wider global strategies.

Identity and Culture

GOAL: Build a stronger public identity and organizational culture based on shared values and approaches.


  • Enhance public understanding of DGHI’s “distinctly Duke” model of global health.
  • Create stronger sense of connection and shared mission among DGHI’s faculty, staff and students.
  • Enhance diversity and inclusion across the DGHI community.

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