South Africa

Pioneering interventions centered on mental health and child development

The South Africa partnership provides numerous opportunities for collaboration with DGHI. Most collaborative work is with the University of Cape Town (UCT) and related to mental health, child development, HIV treatment and prevention, and social and behavioral medicine. DGHI faculty are also working with colleagues from UCT on topics including infectious diseases, genetics, health policy, access to health care, and the development and evaluation of mobile health (mHealth) interventions. MSc-GH and doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and Global Health Pathway fellows can pursue fieldwork in connection with faculty working in Cape Town. Study-abroad programs are also available for undergraduate students. 

Duke is partnering with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) and the University of Cape Town to develop a Sociobehavioral Sciences Core at KCMC focused on HIV/AIDS. The goal of this project is to develop qualified socio-behavioral and mental health researchers to contribute to HIV research. Mentorships are offered by Duke faculty and faculty at the training sites.

Key Faculty


  • University of Cape Town

Duke Entities


  • School of Medicine (Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Family Medicine and Community Health, Surgery)
  • School of Nursing

Research News

The “Anytime” Intervention for Young Children with Autism

A new early-intervention model helps caregivers learn strategies to nurture their childrens' development.

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DGHI's Lauren Franz, assistant professor of psychiatry and global health, with colleagues in South Africa.